Sunday, June 24, 2012

Completed Crafts & Pinterest Projects

In  between ball games, traveling, working, trips to the zoo and playing with our boys I have squeezed in a little time to craft since our big move!
Here are a few  of my latest  creations! The Pinterest inspired projects have links to follow should you be interested in trying them yourself! The others are pretty self explanatory.

For instructions go to

150 wedding invites and 120 programs
(invite inspiration from Alaina Huewe)

Pop top treat cans

Felted Easter Eggs
To make your own go to
 I found my wool roving at Hancock Fabrics near the yarn.

A Pieced Mouse Pad
My inspiration came from Pinterest BUT I tweaked mine to show off my bird fabric basically you could use ANY 9 1/2 inch quilt block. I also added some rubber backing so it didn't slide around on my desk at work.

Loved the fabric so much I had to make a bag too!

4x4 Garden
We have tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions, carrots and now radishes

Etched Mugs
It was quite tricky to get this quote on here but the lucky recipient loved it.
 This one simpler and easier

18 inch Doll Swimsuit
Times two for my best friends little girls.
I made up the pattern so nothing to link to but my own brain....its scary there you probably don't want a link!
 And ze piece de resistance
said in a very fabulous french accent...

My Corner Door Shelf
Found the idea on Pinterest and again tweaked it again to my liking. I used floating glass shelves and did not use brackets but a 2x2 to brace the back so we could rip the door right down the middle!
For detailed instructions go to