Sunday, June 24, 2012

Completed Crafts & Pinterest Projects

In  between ball games, traveling, working, trips to the zoo and playing with our boys I have squeezed in a little time to craft since our big move!
Here are a few  of my latest  creations! The Pinterest inspired projects have links to follow should you be interested in trying them yourself! The others are pretty self explanatory.

For instructions go to

150 wedding invites and 120 programs
(invite inspiration from Alaina Huewe)

Pop top treat cans

Felted Easter Eggs
To make your own go to
 I found my wool roving at Hancock Fabrics near the yarn.

A Pieced Mouse Pad
My inspiration came from Pinterest BUT I tweaked mine to show off my bird fabric basically you could use ANY 9 1/2 inch quilt block. I also added some rubber backing so it didn't slide around on my desk at work.

Loved the fabric so much I had to make a bag too!

4x4 Garden
We have tomatoes, peppers, garlic, onions, carrots and now radishes

Etched Mugs
It was quite tricky to get this quote on here but the lucky recipient loved it.
 This one simpler and easier

18 inch Doll Swimsuit
Times two for my best friends little girls.
I made up the pattern so nothing to link to but my own brain....its scary there you probably don't want a link!
 And ze piece de resistance
said in a very fabulous french accent...

My Corner Door Shelf
Found the idea on Pinterest and again tweaked it again to my liking. I used floating glass shelves and did not use brackets but a 2x2 to brace the back so we could rip the door right down the middle!
For detailed instructions go to

Friday, October 7, 2011


I decided to use my Cricut to cut some vinyl and etch some glass. So fun!
First a picture frame for a friends wedding with her and hubbys name and their wedding date
(actually my sister commissioned me to make it for her)
               Then a set of four jars for a family friend who makes the best homemade chunky salsa around
This one is a shadow box frame for a friends wedding.

For sale you provide frame, mirror, jars or anything else you can think of.
I'll etch $5 base plue $2 per word.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well I couldn't stop at just one

After modifying the last case I was sitting with a sad empty violin case. Well this morning that lightbulb that floats above my head turned on bright as can be. Of course I had an instrument that needed a home it couldn't just go rattling around in the car any old time or be stuck up on a shelf to collect dust when it wasn't being played either.
So I got busy with a trip to JoAnns for a bit more foam this time just 2 inches thick and only 9 inches. Cost was $5 after my coupon.
I traced and trimmed 
and traced and trimmed some more
Then another trip to JoAnns for fabric to cover that still ugly green foam
TADAH! a new home for my and James' CanJoes!
I also needed to fix the outside of the case and what better way to do that than with a bit of sweetly colored duct tape?
Total cost to modify? $7 for interior
I'm not sure what my crazy husband spent on the tape...but I love it!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The COOLEST gift....

For our anniversary John ordered this SWEET double violin/mandolin case thats right one case housing two instruments! How awesome is that?
Well pretty dang awesome until...
The mandolin I have doesn't fit the case.
Biggest sad face EVER :(
See how cool it could be?
I email the company, call the company no answer for 6 days.
Finally a response "try it, it should fit no problem regardless of the mandolin style"....ummmm really?Would I have called or emailed if it had fit?
Would I have called or emailed if I hadn't already tried to make it fit?
Probably not.
After a few more emails complete with pictures they said they would take it back
Restocking fee 20%, return shipping at least $15, shipping on boring single mandolin case $15
"you want to try to "modify" it"
with John's blessing
his full confidence in my ability (mine not so much)
and $40 spent at JoAnns
($15 under the budget of the prior mentioned return fees etc.)
I tore into it...LITERALLY

This is where I started to get REALLY nervous.
I had taken a beautiful gift and trashed it....on purpose!
It was definitely mine now, no place to go but forward! 
It sat like this for a little more than a week. But today John had the day off and I got a "little" time to craft. :)
So I did a little drawing
Tracing really
and a little carving
(yes, EVERYTHING is fair game for crafting in this house)
The mandolin fits!
I was a little skittish on the cutting and had to trim several times this darn foam is expensive!
YAY! They both fit BUT it was kind of ugly. I mean green foam is great but it's not really my style.
Good thing I had picked up some soft purple fabric to cover it in.  
Now on to glueing. Again with the nerves, I put this off for most of the evening. I've never worked with spray adhesive or foam or covering upholstery which is what I assume this is like, kind of, but probably not really.
John set me up a little area in the garage and I headed down; Ipod, case, tea, and can of glue in hand.
Turned out alright if I do say so myself. I even added a little last minute slot for the tuner to ride in. On the top of the case (outside) it has a zipper flap for music, strings, (harmonicas) whatever so I didn't worry too much about other slots/compartments


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Activity Case

Perfect to get through those long waiting room waits or the last few minutes of church.
Includes pocket for stickers, room for notepad and 4 crayons
Hard case that closes slides right into a purse or diaper bag!
includes sticker assortment of my choice 4 crayons and notepad
Also available for adults with a notpad for list making pockets for coupons etc

Saturday, February 26, 2011

With Baby on the Brain these are the latest additions to my crafty-ness

First in Blue
Nursing cover-up $15
Paci-keeper $5
Taggies Blankie $10
Hooded Towel $12
or the set for $35

And in Pink