Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well I couldn't stop at just one

After modifying the last case I was sitting with a sad empty violin case. Well this morning that lightbulb that floats above my head turned on bright as can be. Of course I had an instrument that needed a home it couldn't just go rattling around in the car any old time or be stuck up on a shelf to collect dust when it wasn't being played either.
So I got busy with a trip to JoAnns for a bit more foam this time just 2 inches thick and only 9 inches. Cost was $5 after my coupon.
I traced and trimmed 
and traced and trimmed some more
Then another trip to JoAnns for fabric to cover that still ugly green foam
TADAH! a new home for my and James' CanJoes!
I also needed to fix the outside of the case and what better way to do that than with a bit of sweetly colored duct tape?
Total cost to modify? $7 for interior
I'm not sure what my crazy husband spent on the tape...but I love it!

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