Saturday, August 6, 2011

The COOLEST gift....

For our anniversary John ordered this SWEET double violin/mandolin case thats right one case housing two instruments! How awesome is that?
Well pretty dang awesome until...
The mandolin I have doesn't fit the case.
Biggest sad face EVER :(
See how cool it could be?
I email the company, call the company no answer for 6 days.
Finally a response "try it, it should fit no problem regardless of the mandolin style"....ummmm really?Would I have called or emailed if it had fit?
Would I have called or emailed if I hadn't already tried to make it fit?
Probably not.
After a few more emails complete with pictures they said they would take it back
Restocking fee 20%, return shipping at least $15, shipping on boring single mandolin case $15
"you want to try to "modify" it"
with John's blessing
his full confidence in my ability (mine not so much)
and $40 spent at JoAnns
($15 under the budget of the prior mentioned return fees etc.)
I tore into it...LITERALLY

This is where I started to get REALLY nervous.
I had taken a beautiful gift and trashed it....on purpose!
It was definitely mine now, no place to go but forward! 
It sat like this for a little more than a week. But today John had the day off and I got a "little" time to craft. :)
So I did a little drawing
Tracing really
and a little carving
(yes, EVERYTHING is fair game for crafting in this house)
The mandolin fits!
I was a little skittish on the cutting and had to trim several times this darn foam is expensive!
YAY! They both fit BUT it was kind of ugly. I mean green foam is great but it's not really my style.
Good thing I had picked up some soft purple fabric to cover it in.  
Now on to glueing. Again with the nerves, I put this off for most of the evening. I've never worked with spray adhesive or foam or covering upholstery which is what I assume this is like, kind of, but probably not really.
John set me up a little area in the garage and I headed down; Ipod, case, tea, and can of glue in hand.
Turned out alright if I do say so myself. I even added a little last minute slot for the tuner to ride in. On the top of the case (outside) it has a zipper flap for music, strings, (harmonicas) whatever so I didn't worry too much about other slots/compartments


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